Climate Adaptation in Scottish Island Communities

engaging island communities to enhance climate adaptation

Why adapt?

  • Scotland’s climate, like that of many other countries around the world, is changing. Scottish coastal communities are particularly exposed to the impacts of climate change, including stronger storms, flooding and coastal erosion, which can cause severe challenges to regional development, but also provide opportunities for adaptation.
  • Taking action to manage the impacts of climate change that we are experiencing already, as well as prepare for impacts that we will feel in the longer term will help increase resilience and reduce risks.
  • The goals of this project are to facilitate understanding of locally-relevant climatic risks and opportunities, as well as to help build adaptive capacity and strengthen resilience to climate change across a number of Scottish island communities.


Public Dialogues and Workshops

Project Milestones

Planning and design

Identify Sottish island communities at risk and conduct interviews with local stakeholders to define the right methodological approach.


Conduct community workshops to facilitate understanding of climatic risks and opportunities, as well as to identify and prioritise adaptation needs.


Engage local stakeholders to provide a strong basis for future planning and action.

Get involved.

We are looking for engaged community members to participate in a number of virtual workshops designed to identify localized climate risks and adaptation options.

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